See how your tattoos

become alive!

Make your temporary tattoos alive.

Put on your tattoo use the application
and see how your tattoos become alive!

The application works only with tattoos prepared specially for Your Live Tattoos.

When you put on our Live Tattoo, use our application, scan the pattern by your viewfinder and see the 3D animation.

Check how augmented reality works!

The application possesses a ”freestyle” mode which allows you to change the size and capacity or spin your tattoo as well as move it to any backgrounds and take a photo.

Live Your Tattoo

How does it work?

1. Order your tattoos.

We are a Polish producer of temporary tattoos. We can print them using our customer’s patterns. Wen can also suggest our ready artwork or design something special for you.

2. We create the 3D animation.

We prepare 3D object and according to our customers suggestions we design the 3D animation and sounds.

3. We integrate the tattoo with the application.

We customize the pattern to the application.

Additional options:

- rebranding (name, colors etc.)
- obtaining the access to the application with the code
- payment for the users




Tattoo patterns

If you don’t have special Live Tattoos, use the application and scan any pattern below with your viewfinder
and see how it becomes alive.
Use the freestyle mode option, to put the 3D animation wherever you want. You can play with your 3D object by making it bigger or smaller, changing its position and even taking a photo of it.








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